Christmas Wishlist 2015: Art Edition

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aaaand here are my top picks for my art wishlist! I’m not very good with any other medium aside from watercolour, so majority of my wishlist are really mostly for that. That said, if I were to try any other medium, I would love to paint with gouache!

(1)Khadi Papers in A6 are my go-to papers for when I’m painting while traveling. I love the character of these papers—they’re a joy to paint on. (For my review of Khadi Papers, click here!)

(2)Escoda Optimo Kolinsky Travel Brushes in 4, 6, and 10 would be a dream to own. I actually have a good set of brushes from Holbein that I bought in Sekaido at Shinjuku. I don’t think I have any actual plans of replacing them any time soon, but I might consider it if I were to ever have these!

I’ve seen the (3)Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolor in action and it’s literally the most magical thing ever (maybe next to the Peerless Watercolors). I don’t know how I’ll ever find the extra cash to throw at a set, but it’s free to dream! (I’d love to take Set D out for a spin!)

I’m sure everybody knows the (4)Moleskin Watercolor Notebook for good reason. I love that it lies flat and it’s got beautiful paper. Moleskin’s hefty price tag is always so difficult to overcome, but considering this is a wishlist, it being here isn’t SO hard to believe!

I bought a tiny postcard pack of the hot pressed (5)Canson Moulin Du Roy and loved it. I never thought I’d enjoy painting on hot pressed paper so much, but I do. I love the end result, I love mixing the colors on the paper—I just adore it. If I could have a large sized version of this paper, I’m golden. 

I see the (6)Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours everywhere in Japan and, recently, here in the local watercolour community as well. The quality is supposedly superb, and the only real qualms I hear about it is the difficulty in bringing it around. 

The links, save for the Moulin Du Roy and the Moleskin, all lead to local art suppliers that I highly recommend. Moleskins are practically available in all Fully Booked stores, but I've personally never seen the Canson Moulin Du Roy anywhere here! I bought mine in Sekaido, but if anyone knows anywhere that sells it here, I'd really appreciate it if you bring it up!

That concludes all three editions of my holiday wish lists! To check out the beauty edition and the skincare edition, click here and here respectively!

Now that Christmas is only a few good nights of sleep away, share what’s on your art wishlist!

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