Mini Haul!

Monday, December 14, 2015

My boyfriend was kind enough to buy me a bunch of essentials (lol) while we had our weekend lunch out. It’s nice to just enjoy a day without much fuss, especially during the holiday rush! Some of the others are stuff that I’ve ordered online and have finally come in, too! Yay!

Biore Perfect Oil Makeup Cleanser

Removing waterproof mascara? Nightmare. Cult favourite and 150ml of product for only 299.00? Dream!

The Face Shop Velvet Skin Primer

I’ve been itching to try primer for forever, and this one’s gotten some pretty great reviews, especially regarding its finish and application. Also, love that packaging. Pump bottles are the best. Full review coming soon!


We were already at the check-out counter when I made a grab for it. They only had the white available—I love white. I love white nail polish, white dresses, white sneakers. I’m not complete without a pop of white. But I knew a white foundation blender just didn’t really sound like a great idea. Oh well! No pictures because it’s (obviously) covered in foundation after the first time I tried! And yesss, it’s amazing.

KATE Gel BB Cream

I’ve been looking for something I can wear everyday, probably with sheer coverage and spf, and because my skin is so dry, something moisturising would probably be for the best. The answer to that is always BB cream. I bought this because it’s got a pretty interesting texture. 

NARS Velvet Mate Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

This actually came in last week, but I’m only bringing it up now because it just seemed a good time to kind of insert it in with the rest of the stuff I bought. It’s amazing. I love it. I’d wear it everyday but I know I’m going to run out of it.

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