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Monday, January 04, 2016

For Christmas, my boyfriend’s mum ordered herself two pairs of Tieks on the recommendation of his sister. Apparently, they’re supposedly the most comfortable, stylish alternative for the ballet flat! The best part is that for Christmas, she was so kind enough to gift me a pair as well! 

I got the nude patent Tieks, which are absolutely beautiful. I adore the color beyond words! I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of nude flats, but it’s so hard to actually find one that compliments your skin tone. On the website, they look like they run a little yellow, but they’re actually very beige and don’t wash me out at all, since I’m not warm toned. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Tieks is the split sole design. They’re two rubber cushions that are non-skid and add padding between your feet and the ground. The back is also cushioned, not elastic, so it’s definitely a bit more comfortable than the regular ol’ ballet flat. Tieks fold and bend, which is great, because there’s nothing I hate more than a stiff flat. 

On the site, it says that Tieks are also made from 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather. For the patent look, "it’s painted with a high-gloss patent finish and tumbled to give it its crinkle glaze.” Since I know that leather softens and stretches over time, and I typically go between sizes 8 and 8.5, I took in a size 8. In the website, it does also say that if you’re a half size, they recommend that you go a size down. 

I finally decided to take them out for a spin when we went to watch Star Wars. Unfortunately, they hurt. A lot. Too much, in fact. I was finding every opportunity to sit down and gingerly remove them from my feet. During the movie, they were never even on. My feet aren’t wide—in fact, I get the “dainty feet” compliment more than I can recall. I couldn’t understand why they were pinching my toes!

I was heartbroken. They are beautiful on my feet and they are such a lovely gift!!! What do!! I did what any self-respecting girl would: I googled how to stretch patent leather ballet flats. I drowned in the results, but most of all, I was filled with hope. Certain solutions seemed to work!

Then because I’m always for contingencies, I emailed customer service from Tieks and asked what to do. They suggested I wear thick socks around the house in order to speed up the break-in process—a suggestion the internet seemed to wholeheartedly agree with. I did exactly that and…

It worked!

They aren’t perfectly comfortable, unlike my favourite pair of sneakers, but they no longer pinch my toes. I can wear them for five hours without really noticing any pain, too. Truth be told, each time I wear them or try to break them in with some thick socks, they feel better and better on my feet. 

Are they worth it? As it’s a gift, I am ecstatic I can finally join in on the Tieks hype. They are solid shoes with beautiful selections of color, and are incredibly well-crafted. They really are quality stuff. ...But they don’t come cheap. My pair costs a dizzying $195. For that amount of money, I’d have expected to be walking on clouds. And while they feel better, I do think for that price, there are much better shoes to spend on. 

But still—I adore them and will wear them forever! If I had a much more comfortable experience, I would sing praises endlessly for them!

Have a look at their Boutiek (hehe), if you’re curious!

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