{ Review | Skincare } LUSH Holiday Gift Set: Little Snow Fairy

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I'm in love with LUSH products. I received this beautiful little gift for Christmas from my boyfriend's grandparents, and I adore everything about this little set!

It comes in a beautiful pink box decorated with silver foil, a cute little rounded tag, all wrapped with a lovely silver ribbon. It's not a very big gift set (atleast in comparison to Squeaks), but it's got a good deal of product inside! I imagine I won't be running out of them in awhile.

The best things come in small fairytale packages so why not take the 'bah' out of humbug with the sweetest thing since mince pies and cream? Candyfloss scented Snow Fairy shower gel and gentle Pink fun serves up a shower and bubble bath more nostalgic than a trip to the sweet shop.

It comes with a 100g FUN Pink and a 100g bottle of their Snow Fairy shower gel. Both smell divine. It's definitely not a mature nor nuanced scent, it's really very fun and young.

Okay, lemme just get it out of the way: I looooove the FUN Pink. I love this pink fluffy concoction. I LOVE it. Aaand moving on...

It reminds me of cotton candy and vanilla. It does say it's "jam-packed with the fruity candy smells of childhood." I've used it as a body wash, a shampoo, and a bubble bath and it was incredibly effective as all three. It lathered so nicely as a shampoo, too. I tear a tiny piece off each time, then just wrap it again. I haven't tried making shapes out of the whole thing yet lol. (Soon tho...)

Snow Fairy has the similar vanilla, candy floss smell although it's not exactly similar. They do really complement each other perfectly, though, and you come out of the shower smelling like a candy store (in the best possible way). Also, it's a joy to lather up because it's pink and sparkly! It's incredibly moisturising too. I don't think I'd use either for everyday, as it just both smells incredibly decadent. Probably for date nights, heh.

The FUN Pink smells good enough to eat, I swear.
Squeaks inserting herself in the shot again.

All in all, I love this little gift set. It's definitely one of my favorite gifts for Christmas '15, and even if it's no longer Christmas, I still completely recommend you get one of these for yourself or a loved one because it is such a treat to have.

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