January | Five Fantastic Things

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

1. Seeing my brother again!

The one thing I always do when I go back to Japan is to see my older brother. There is nothing quite like spending the cold winter with family, especially with someone I really look up to. We've been having a grand time! Though it's honestly mostly been eating...

But! Like true siblings, even if months have managed to keep us apart, it feels like not a day has even gone by.

2. Skincare and makeup galore, of course.

I love Japan when it comes to skincare--the choices are endless and wonderful. I make sure I stock up on my favourite oil cleansers and moisturisers like there's no tomorrow! For make up, there's eyeliner, loose powder, and shimmery eyeshadows to satisfy my heart's desire.

But specifically, finding Maybelline's LashSensational here was so glorious. It's such a magical thing. I really do believe now.

3. Sweet potato. Actually, sweets in general?

Trust me when I saw there is nothing better than a warm sweet potato in your gloved hand as you walk in the cold winter air.

There is also nothing better than the infinite assortment of sweets and pastries to consume at your leisure (what's calorie counting????)

4. Karaage!!!

Guys, I love chicken. I seriously believe that it's the best meat in the world, with fish only coming a close second. I love fried chicken, I love roast chicken--I love chicken. And karaage is delicious umami fried chicken that only Japan can make in its juicy, crisp perfection.

Were two of my five fantastic things really food...? Uh.

5. Culture.

I swear it's not biased, but I've never seen a country produce so much culture in my life. I am surrounded constantly by music, art, fashion, cuisine--there is always something to be amazed at, always something to be impressed with. And that's just Tokyo. Each event I go to, there is always the local artist selling his work, a musician sharing his sound, and a person expressing their style. I love the beat and hum of life and art in this city, even as it dwindles slowly at eight in the evening. I've never been more proud to be at home.

Share with me your five fantastic things this January!

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