Johan's, Subic 2016 | Photo Diary

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I disappeared for a while, didn't I? I have to admit I found it hard to update my blog, becaaaause I landed a new job! It's been a wild ride in the best way possible. I managed to take some time off to spend it at the beach, though, and finally took my camera out for a spin. I'm not professional by any means, and I'm still trying to learn my way through both mirrorless cameras and Lightroom! It's all kinds of fun.

The Strand Hotel.

People normally eat waffles at the beach, right?

That's the thing about beaches. Wind. Wind everywhere

It was fun. I mainly enjoy the tax free places in Subic, because chocolates for a dollar... that's a real reason to celebrate! Aside from that, it's mainly been work work work. I'm really not complaining because I adore my job beyond words. I'm happy to take some time off and soak in the sun for awhile, though. (With, like, five layers of sunscreen and a sunhat, of course)

I took a quick look at my previous wishlist and actually noticed I ticked off two from them! That makes me pretty happy. What they were, though, I'll keep a secret! Because they're probably going to be the next review. Heh. 

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