September Favorites

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Whoops. My last set of favourites was December. Sorry about that--things got hectic early this year! Anyway, I'm excited to share these. Some are old and some are brand new products! Either I've been reaching for these bad boys since I got them or I've re-discovered a new love for them!

1. Lorac PRO Palette 1 

I got this around last Christmas, used it for, like, three months straight then suddenly found better use for my original Tartelette for every day looks (mattes r lyf). I used this mainly for parties and, I don't know, days when I felt like I need some really bright gold on my lids. But for some reason, I found myself reaching for this every weekend of September. It was crazy. I wouldn't say I forgot about how good the quality of these shadows are, but I certainly didn't take advantage of it enough! (Also, the packaging sucks--I clean the sides of the pans, like, all the time and they still manage to look filthy)

2. Tartelette in Bloom

My recent review should have made it clear how much I love this palette, but lemme reiterate how much I love this palette. It's completely replaced my original, well-loved Tartelette (sad face) because the shadows here are just so much more flattering and the blending is easier. Sometimes, out of pure guilt, I open my original Tartelette to use it and realise I love it, too, but just not as much as my In Bloom. :(

3. ELF Eyelid Primer

I have such simple expectations for my primers: don't crease and keep my shadows in place. That's it. If you can do that for $3, I'm sold. This primer smells like utter gunk, but it really does do the job. It's hella bank.  
UPDATE: After using the Eyelid Primer for a few weeks, it actually started to dry the skin around my eyes. Like, literal crust fest. Nasty. I'm throwing it out. :(

4. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15

I've got a review for this in the works, but long story short, yes. I love it. I struggled with the darn price for, like, half an hour before giving in, and even went through a short stint of buyer's remorse in the food court with my boyfriend, but no. It's perfect. I don't think a lot of people love this foundation too much, but I adore the satin finish and the coverage. 

5. Bella & Bear Flat Top Kabuki Brush

This was from the brush set my boyfriend gifted me last Christmas. It's my favourite brush in the whole set, and that's saying a lot. I apply the Studio Sculpt with this (my Beauty Blender was absorbing the product LIKE CRAZY) and it gives the most perfect coverage ever. I actually think it might be a little too full coverage. This brush is absolutely perfect for buffing in both liquid and loose powder foundations!

Here's another shot of the Belle & Bear brush with my other faaaves. Sorry--it's blurry as hell. :( I took the shots in low light and my camera just refused to focus properly on this shot. 

6.  ELF "C" Brush

Oh. My. God. I luh this brush. It's my HG eyeshadow brush forreal. If you've got hooded eyes like me, this is the brush you need. Jessie Petri from YouTube recommended this, which was the main reason I bought it (lol), and I don't regret that decision at all. It's great for carving out your "crease," packing color, and even blending. 

7.  ELF Small Tapered Brush

I use this for highlight, contour, and even setting my undereye. It's such a multipurpose brush. 

8. Real Techniques Fluffy Blending Brush (???)

This was from the Eye set. This is so good for blending out harsh edges AND buffing in my concealer. I just love brushes that do more than what they're often intended for!

Here's a quick preview of that really big ELF haul! ELF is actually a little expensive here. I'm not sure why. I was curious, though, how $3 products would fare! This whole haul cost me, like, $20 (roughly 1,000PHP) in the US, plus freebies! They weren't all hits (some were definitely misses), but a good chunk of them are either workable or honestly good. I'll go into detail soon! ;)

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