ELF Haul!

Monday, October 03, 2016

I think I went on too much of a mid-end/high-end binge the past few weeks. It was a painful voluntary experience. I realised I wanted to try out more drugstore products to compare, because honestly, make up is make up. I've had as much let downs with Tarte as I've been impressed with them. Same with MAC.

When an aunt decided to go stateside, I figured I should take the opportunity to hoard some cheap makeup from ELF! Honestly, here in the Philippines, they bump up the prices to, like, $10. It's a little less tempting to try, when you feel like that money could be used for something high-end you really want. 

I talk a little bit about the haul, some are surface-level first impressions, and some are even less in-depth.

Here's what I got:

I mentioned previously about how some of these brushes landed in my September favourites, but they weren't the only brushes I bought from ELF. I did buy the angled eyeliner brush and the small angled brush. I've been curious how those angled liners work, because my typical eyeliner brush is AWFUL. I don't know how anybody can apply gel lines with those things. I feel like I twist my arm in ways I shouldn't. The big fluffy brush (or the complexion brush) is just what you'd expect: big and fluffy.

I also got their Hydrating Undereye Primer. It feels like an eye cream. I don't honestly know if it does much in terms of keeping my concealer intact (I should test that out one of these days), but it feels great! Inktense Ink Eyeliner came free! The Eyelid Primer is over in my September Favourites as well. The HD Undereye Setting Powder, though, is a supposed great steal. I've read glowing things about it.

UPDATE: After using the Eyelid Primer for a few weeks, it actually started to dry the skin around my eyes. Like, literal crust fest. Nasty. I'm throwing it out. :(

This Mellow Mauve blush also came free. I feel like it has a lot of potential, but I'm struggling to break this weird "barrier" in the blush. The Eyebrow Kit in medium couldn't come close to replacing my Tarte brow mousse, but it is super handy to throw in my bag in the event I'd need to touch up my brows. But my favourite thing about these two is that super handy little mirror! 

The ELF contour palette is in all those "favourite ELF products" videos in YouTube. So far, I am loving it, but it's kind of loaded in glitter. I'm not sure how to feel about that, but I love how it performs on the face.

I also have the massively famous ELF Lip Exfoliator and their Makeup Mist and Set setting spray (supposedly a dupe for MAC's). 

I actually also bought their face primer, the illuminating variant. But holy crap, it was such a glitter overload. I mean, jeebus. I don't know. It looked like I wetted my face then laid it flat against a plate of glitter. Not a good look. When you apply foundation, it kind of tones it down but not by much. 

Another freebie was this lip primer/lip plumper combination that was pretty much a nightmare. The lip plumper was hella uncomfortable and the lip primer literally broke off that moment I swiped my lips with it. Hey, atleast it was free!

I tried my best to capture the brushes a little better (I forgot about the complexion brush, whoops!):

Angled Eyeliner Brush and Small Angled Brush
Small Tapered Brush

Eyeshadow "C" Brush (perfect for hooded eyes!)
But anyway! There they are. Save for the brushes, I wouldn't say I found anything here that particular stood out. But in terms of quality, they're really very good for the price. And if you've ever been curious how certain products perform but are unwilling to buy the higher end equivalents (like the setting spray, even the lip exfoliator), I'd totally recommend you try out ELF's.

The 5 brushes, though, for a total of like... $12 (roughly 600PHP)? They really exceeded expectations. That "C" brush is a god dream (guys, I've started to become a Kanye convert recently), and the small tapered brush is awesome. In fact, all the brushes were very good!

Check back for some ~*~in depth~*~ reviews on some of these and a quick update on a recent haul! 

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