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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

I've been on a bit of a high end binge because I can't control myself!!! so I kind of balanced it out by totally not spending on any make up whatsoever for the past month (keeping myself in check until muh Christmas money comes in hehehehe). Luckily, though, I do have a backlog of deliveries for makeup I ordered over the past few months. I spaced them out pretty well. Just kidding--totally unintentional. Shipping from abroad to good ol' Manila just really takes about forever and a half.

I did want to try out some cheap makeup that are supposedly very good dupes for high end stuff. After obsessively watching about fifty or so makeup comparisons, I finally caved in and placed an order at TAM Beauty.

So these guys--they're pretty unabashedly known for straight up copying high end makeup, and just maybe switching out the pan placement in the palette, but otherwise completely staying true to the eye shades. I bought their I <3 Chocolate palette (a dupe for Too Faced's Chocolate Bar) and their Naked Chocolate (so far, not a specific dupe of anything. Maybe LORAC Unzipped and Naked 3?).

I've never owned what they're supposed dupes for, but holy moly, these shadows are amazing. For roughly $10 or so, these guys are buttery and pigmented. I can't compare them to what they're supposedly copying, but I am very happy with these palettes regardless.


The packaging for both are, obviously, the CUTEST. I love the melted chocolate bar detail. It's plastic, but it's sturdy and thick and could definitely take some beating in your bag. The white chocolate for the Naked Chocolate is absolutely adorbs. Every time I see these palettes, I just get chocolate cravings each time. (Lol I'm kidding that's like 24/7 of my life)

In comparison to what I've seen of Too Faced's chocolate palettes, I do find these to be much cuter. Too Faced's is also a tin, I believe, and would probably be much heavier. And unlike Too Faced's, these things have HUGE mirrors. It also comes with a crappy sponge applicator, which works great for swatches, not so much for actual eye shadow application.

The shade names aren't on the palette itself. It came with those removable plastic sheets with the names, but I've already lost those.


My Tartelette in Bloom has a very distinct cocoa powder smell, and I absolutely love that about it. I know Too Faced's chocolate palettes have the same smell, probably stronger. The I <3 Chocolate and the Naked Chocolate are also scented, but their smell (hilariously enough) does smell like cheaper chocolate. Like, the ones with barely any real cocoa in them (lol). I don't really mind. I think the smell still kind of smells good, and it's not strong at all. I actually tend to forget they smell like anything. You have to really stick your nose in your palette to smell it.


These are great eyeshadows. They are buttery and they are pigmented. The very first time I swatched them, they had a thin layer that prevented me from completely seeing its full potential. I was a little disappointed. But after swatching it a second time for this review, they picked up so well. I tried an eye look with both palettes and was very, very pleased. I did find some issue with I <3 Chocolate's lower highlight shade (Endorphins Ready!). Some of the glitter shades also pick up chunky, but nothing a good tap of your brush won't fix. Just take that into account.

Naked Chocolate's formula, for me, is a bit more superior. Less chunk. The shades are also more attractive to me and work really well with my fair skin. I imagine both palettes would work for any skin tone, though. Really kind of made me want to try out Lorac's unzipped after.

Personally, I love the formula of these palettes. The mattes stand up very well against my higher end palettes, which is a feat in itself imo. They're so rich and they blend easily. I haven't experienced any patchy applications.

They swatch beautifully without primer, too.

Swatches and Colors

I've lost that removable plastic sheet with the names, so I had to Google the names. Hah.

Top to bottom - Smoothly, Divine, Mocha Lover, Dipped, Choc-Fest, Adorable, Frosted Choc, Delight
 I don't know how it happened, but I missed a swatch called Buttons. It's a shimmery dark grey brown. Sorry about that! :(

Top to bottom - Sweet Shop, Suger, Double Dip, Tob-Le-Rone, White, Milky, Way

Overall, this is neutral paradise. You've got a great selection of shimmers and mattes, all in varying shades of brown, rose golds, and taupes.

Now, onto I <3 Chocolate. Again, sorry about the lighter shades. They're very pigmented; they just tend to disappear on my skin tone.

Also, heads up: these names are pretty ridiculous lol. I guess it was trying to keep in touch with the ~*~love~*~ and ~*~chocolate~*~ theme, but they're so long and some are just... what.

Top to Bottom - You Need Love, Piece Me Together, One More Piece , Love Torn, Stolen Chocolate, Thank Friday, More!, Pleasure Girl, Meet Chocolate

Top to Bottom - Unforgivable, Love Divine, Smooth Criminal, Chocolate Love, You Need More, What A Way to Go, Endorphins Ready!
I <3 Chocolate is a smidgen more neutral than Naked Chocolate, which definitely leans a bit more warm. But it's got so much great shades, and you can basically create any look you desire with these colors. I'm not big on pops of color (because I can't pull them off), but I found myself really liking the purple-y color here (Unforgivable).

Worth it?

Yes! 100% yes! I don't know if I have any plans of buying any of Too Faced's palettes after trying these out. Who knows? We'll see. But I am incredibly happy with this palette's performance, its blendability, and its pigmentation. I love the feel of these shadows. I was so impressed, I immediately placed an order for their Salted Caramel palette (a dupe for the Semi-Sweet Chocolate), two blushes, and a bronzer and highlighter palette.

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