Everyday Essentials

Monday, July 10, 2017

I've been gone for awhile! Sorry about that! I've been receiving DMs in Instagram asking what are my ~*~makeup essentials~*~ for everyday, as well as my updated skincare routine (so watch out for that). As much as I adore makeup, I don't actually wear makeup everyday. My non-negotiables are obviously sunscreen and moisturiser before I head out, but that's basically it. If I am feeling fancy, I have some old reliables that live in my purse.

I use two bags--one is my work backpack, where I keep a teeny tiny makeup bag, and my weekend sling. The backpack is ugly and basic (lol) so I'm not gonna show it, but here's my very cute paint-splattered weekender that my boyfriend's mom gifted. 

I love this bag! Super fun and cute. I haven't see anything like it!
I think it shows my personality pretty well (and by that I mean I'm a MESS jk). It's tiny but it's actually pretty roomy! I throw in a lot of things in there, including all my receipts because I'm that much of a pack rat. It's also very easy to clean, which is great (God knows I spill tonkatsu sauce on it too often hahahHAHAhahahaAH).

My iPhone is a victim of 200 replays of RuPaul's Sissy That Walk

I mean, aside from my gazillion of receipts and change that I just hurriedly stuff, these are all I need. I've got my gold leather wallet of yore (shoutout to Fennel--that's my business card), my iPhone SE (screen protector doing its job), and:

  • Travel sized It Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair
SO GREAT. Ohmygod it's got SPF 50!!!!! Coverage is ridic, color is literally perfect on my pasty skin, and it's got the greatest, freshest citrus scent. I literally sniff the bottle lol... is that weird... why did I admit that.....

  • Fresh's Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal
Love that it's got SPF 15! Also love this beautiful color--super wearable for everyday. Doesn't fade, too, unless you eat something. I wear this in the gym and it stays on for the whole hour and a half of sweat that I subject myself to everyday. I also have this in Tulip!

  • Benefit's Goof-Proof Eyebrow Pencil in 5
Name lives up! Not sure if waterproof, but super long lasting. Stays on from when I apply it in the morning for work, and when I end my gym session around 9:30PM. I kind of make it a point not too wipe my brow area when I sweat, so I'm not sure if it smudges when wet. 

I love SPF. If the brow pencil had SPF, I'd probably love it more, honestly.

Mansfield Park in the back. Shoutout to my homegirl Fanny
For my work bag, I keep my makeup loaded with allergy medicine and these:

  • Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Finland
This is stupidly expensive, so I only apply like a literal pea-sized amount or something (Like, the Dingdong pea for reference lol). It's a standard 30ml, so make it count, friend! I really do love it, though. It's incredible on my dry skin and the shade is great. I also really like the lightweight feeling on the skin, so this is pretty much holy grail status for me. 

  • Lancome's Juicy Shakers
I've got a nice range of the matte shakers, but I've only got this lonely Meli Melon from the original line. I personally love both formulas. My everyday matte shaker is in Beige Vintage. Both are really nice everyday colors, neither are drying, and both are just so ~*~fun~*~ to shake and look at. I also really like when the oil separates and creates that gradient look 'cos it's prettyyy. I have an upcoming review of the matte range as I managed to pick up pretty much all the colors!

  • Same Goof-Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit
It really is goof-proof, btw. I'm a total goof with my eyebrows and yes, can confirm, even I can manage the on fleek variety with this pencil.

That's pretty much it! I'm a simple girl, guys. Give me some SPF and I'm good to go, honestly. Hit me up on Instagram again if y'all are more curious for gym essentials, my makeup for travel, etc!

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